A Day in the Life of the Customer Success Team

Rita Pereira
October 18, 2023
 min read

Dynamic challenges, constant communication, and an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch support to our clients: this is the essence of Leadzai’s Customer Success Team!

In this article, we'll take you on a journey alongside our dedicated customer success managers: Célia Alves (CA), Eduarda Larangeira (EL), Ginte Elena Čiukšytė (GC), Joana Araújo (JA), Lisandra Guerreiro (LG) and Mariana Pinto (MP). Let’s get started!

Guaranteeing Team Success, Quality Service, and Client Satisfaction

EL: Working as a Head of Customer Success (CS) is a great responsibility, especially when dealing with clients of different nationalities. My main role revolves around guaranteeing the team works well and that client and internal teams’ tickets receive KPI-driven answers. Additionally, I ensure that the team maintains its “problem-solving” skills updated so we can provide our clients with the best solution. Lastly, l make sure everyone in the team is happy and has all the tools to do an excellent job. Our team is very united, and we work very well together. This is key to maintaining quality work.

Navigating the Dynamic World of Customer Success 

JA: Our work routine changes every day. It depends largely on customer requests. This is one of the reasons I like the CS Team so much — every day is different. We have a chat platform for customers to contact us during working hours (9 a.m. - 6 p.m.). Messages received after hours are saved, so the first thing I do is reply to the customers who are waiting for feedback. After that, I check emails on Zendesk and Crisp platforms, where we primarily handle customer requests and assistance. This way, the CS team’s work is interconnected with all the company departments.

CA: I start my day by checking my calendar and any messages or updates in my email, Slack and JIRA. By doing this, I can understand how to organise my day and filter my tasks from the highest to the lowest priority. Alongside this, the team has a couple of regular meetings, like the CS Sync, where we can get more aligned with our colleagues and share our doubts, opinions and suggestions, and the Feature Updates, where we check all the platform’s newly launched features so we can better inform customers.

LG: My level of concentration and capacity is more acute in the morning, so I try to organise clarification sessions with my teammates during that time, usually around 1 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays are the busiest days for me, as they are weekly meeting days (the CS Sync on Monday and a meeting with a client on Thursday), and we need to extract, analyse and prepare a data report for a client with detailed information regarding campaign performance and any problems these may have. This way, we ensure transparent communication while proactively addressing potential issues that must be analysed and dealt with.

GC: As a Junior Customer Success Manager and a recent addition to the team, I have a good share of daily challenges - new tasks to learn, researching existing campaigns, answering questions from customers or presenting our platforms through demonstration meetings. I am responsible for the end-user experience, meaning I communicate directly with our customers through chat or email, find out about their journey and be the first point of contact for any issues or questions they might have.

Afternoons are for Campaign Management & Navigating Network Policy Challenges for Success

MP: After lunch and coffee, it's time to tackle less urgent but nevertheless important matters. I start by checking our tracker, which contains all the critical information about campaign statuses, and try to solve as many network policies as possible. There are problems that I can solve straight away, such as destination mismatches, but others require the client's help, like identity verification, for which we always need some documentation. Either way, it's essential to solve the problems raised by the networks; otherwise, the campaign won't run and get the desired results.

CA: After regular team meetings and checking my calendar, messages or updates, I hop onto one of the Customer Success Team’s most important tools: Zendesk! In it, I see all the emails we received, and it’s where we find three different scenarios:

1. I can send updated info to the client or suggest campaign improvements, for example.
2. A campaign might not be performing as desired, so I reach out to the Performance Team to analyse the situation and follow up with the client.
3. I have to contact the Tech Team for an internal task or to solve an issue/bug.

Client Support, Collaboration and Going the Extra Mile

LG: Throughout the day, I respond to clients, answer their doubts and queries, and forward requests to the Performance team. After lunch, I answer the new support requests in my queue while remaining in constant contact with the performance team. I balance this real-time support with updating CS internal documentation, a task all team members share.

JA: The Performance team helps us when we have improvements or suggestions to provide to customers, and the Product team helps us if there is something we think could be improved on the platform to help the customer in their journey and experience. Above all, our job in Customer Success is not simply providing customer support but looking after our customers and going the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction and positive experience with the company and platform.

Collaborative Wrap-Up & Preparation for the Next Day

MP: At the end of each day, the team checks in with each other to see if anyone needs help with any issue. In general, our team is very communicative, and we have a fantastic mutual help spirit, which I think is essential if we want to be successful and help our clients as well as possible. Before I leave, I always list what I have to do the following day, which helps me organise my thoughts.

GC: Being a part of this team is never dull. It’s always challenging, requiring creativity for improvements, knowledge of all the departments and people to contact, and being supportive in all possible ways to ensure our customers have the best experience using our services.

Are you intrigued by Leadzai's customer success’s captivating journey? Explore our career opportunities here if you're ready to make a lasting impact.

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