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We believe in a revolutionary pricing model without subscription fees and where you only pay for the results you achieve.

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Input your business data into our pricing tool and instantly receive a customized cost per goal. Discover the power of Leadzai's commitment to results-based pricing.

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What's the right
cost per result
for me?

Wondering what a good cost per result is? Think of it as what you're willing to pay to gain a new customer. Imagine how much a customer might spend with your business over time. If this amount is higher than the cost to acquire them through Leadzai, you're on the right track.

By using Leadzai,
you gain access to:

Expert consultation

Gain valuable insights and guidance with a free call from our advertising experts.

Full feature access

Enjoy unlimited access to all of Leadzai's powerful features, maximizing your advertising potential.

Tailored goals

Leadzai offers the flexibility to customize your advertising goals, ensuring your campaigns align with your business objectives.

Audience-centric keywords

Our AI system automatically generates keywords focused on your target audience, enhancing ad relevance and reach.

Smart location

Leadzai intelligently assigns location attributes to your campaigns, ensuring your ads reach the right geographical audience.

Automated ad

Leadzai's AI creates compelling ad headlines and descriptions, saving you time and boosting ad performance.

Unlimited stock
image library

Access a vast library of stock images to add visual appeal to your ads, at no extra cost.

Multi-network management

Manage your campaigns across multiple networks from a single platform, simplifying your digital advertising efforts.


Leadzai's AI continuously learns and improves, adapting your campaigns to changing trends and audience behaviors for optimal results.

Your journey to
growth with

Your journey to
growth with

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  • Pay Only for Leads

    With Leadzai, your budget is spent on real results.

  • Watch Your Business Grow

    Experience the growth as your business thrives.

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