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If you’re able to multitask, aren’t afraid to voice your opinions and are a team player, you’ll love it here. Add a good sense of humour and a love for “Pastéis de Nata” to that, and you’ll feel right at home.

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We’re +60 and growing.

Anastasiia Shchoholieva

Ahmet Pekmezci

Barış Sermet

António Puppe

António Maltsev

Éber Peretto

Luis Borrões

Paulo Carmargos

Pierre Riandey

Renan Oliveira

Célia Alves

Ginte Elena

Joana Araújo

Lisandra Guerreiro

Mariana Pinto

Lina Esteves

Alexandre Souto

Bruno Mendes

Diogo Sousa

Elena Salgueiro

Filipe Pereira

Evan Vesmirov

Gemma Lluch

Luisa Amaral

Rui Margato

Sean Diacono

Simão Lopes

Tomás Borges

Diogo Lopes

Diogo Nesbitt

Emily Wenzel

João Aroso

Luís Baptista-Coelho

Mariana Machado

Marcos Azeredo

Daniel Figueiredo

Diogo Silva

Ricardo Mateus

Tomás Taborda Monteiro

Alex Paul

Catarina Oliveira

Mariana Machado

Rita Pereira

João Bogalho

Sara Pereira

Emily Wenzel

Mariana Viegas

Eduarda Larangeira

Afonso Amaro Monteiro

Ana-lia Graça

Duarte Viana

Élio Vieira

Filipa Anjos

Francisco Oliveira

Giorgio Di Benedetto

João Martins

Jorge Teixeira

Luiz França

Mariana Magalhães

Mariana Sousa

Marisa Dória

Megan Helfrich

Miguel Rodrigues

Pedro Faria

Renato Novaes

Tania Salgado

Vitor Campanhã

Carolina Salgado Dias

Daisy Sherwood-King

Francisco Magalhães

Gabriel Neves

Rita Amaral

Shanice Pires

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1200-241 Lisboa


Praça Conde de Agrolongo 123, 4700-309 Braga


Rua Casal de Vagares, 15 — 2º
3030-141 Coimbra


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