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João de Sousa Aroso
October 18, 2023
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Back in 2018 I wrote a blog post about why we chose to give Advertio a brand new face. At the time, we were two years old and decided it was time for a cleaner and more professional image that represented us —  and that’s exactly what Advertio’s branding has done for us the past four years. 

During these years our product evolved, our team grew and our needs were adapted to new realities. While in 2018 our goal was to make digital advertising more accessible, now our mission is even clearer: we aim to empower the next 200 million businesses to thrive effortlessly. For that, we continue building a product that focuses on assisting business owners and digital experts to grow their business without taking unnecessary risks. 

Even though this was not a decision we took lightly, I’m confident it was definitely worth it. Now, Advertio is Leadzai and we can’t wait to continue building a more democratic digital market, where businesses pay for results, and nothing more. 

Leadzai: meaning and how we got here

The name Advertio served us well up until now - we focused on making digital advertising accessible to everyone. However, for a while now, we’ve felt it was somewhat restrictive for the future we envision. We never saw ourselves as an advertising company. We are a company that uses advertising and technology to generate results for our customers. We fundamentally differ from advertising companies. Our goal is to leverage artificial intelligence to generate the best business opportunities (leads) to our customers. 

Leads + AI = Leadzai

Leadzai embraces that feeling and represents exactly what we are: a tech company that guarantees an outcome to those who use our product. 

As simple as that. 

Challenges, concerns and the right amount of courage 

Rebranding a five year company comes with some challenges but from the beginning we knew we weren’t going to rush the process and we would take our time to find the perfect brand. The rebranding process started in January when we decided to gather some people to start approaching this topic. 

To begin with we brainstormed some ideas that we wanted to convey and understand if we should move forward or not. For that, we knew we shouldn’t just look inwards but rather take some outsiders’ opinions as they’re less biassed than us.  

Once we made the decision this was the right move, it was time to come up with a name and brand that encapsulates everything we want for the future. Getting the right name was an herculean task as nowadays it’s hard to find a name that isn’t taken yet, or that has the .com domain available, but in the end we got there. 

Afterwards, we contacted Crio Consulting and the great Alexandre Santana to bring this name to life. The brief was simple: we wanted colour, a symbol we could use on its own and an impactful look & feel. In the end, we couldn’t be happier with what Alexandre has created as we feel we were able to materialise exactly what we wanted. 

Now that we had a brand, we reached out to José Rodrigues, an amazing UX/UI expert to design and develop a new website for us. Our previous website fitted our brand but we knew we could do better, and so we did. 

A team onboard with the changes 

Before making this public we, of course, showed the results to our team. At the end of the day, they are the face of Leadzai and we wanted to make sure they felt comfortable with the new image and name. 

The result? Everyone loved it. In fact, the next day our team was already referring to the product as Leadzai. 

In conclusion, as Leadzai’s Founder & CEO,  I’m very happy with the result and I’m excited about what’s ahead. We are now a team of almost 50 people and I’m certain that Leadzai will continue to bring valuable leads to our clients, while we keep pushing to build the best product.

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