Following his Board appointment in September of 2020, Luis Baptista-Coelho becomes Leadzai's President & Chief Revenue Officer

João de Sousa Aroso
November 17, 2023
1 Minute
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João de Sousa Aroso, Leadzai’s Founder & CEO, states "I am psyched to announce that Luis Baptista-Coelho is joining Leadzai as President & Chief Revenue Officer. Luis joined our Board over two years ago and was instrumental in helping me to expand our business internationally, build a stronger management team, solidify relationships with early-stage investors, conclude a Series A and build Leadzai’s fundamentals.“

In Luis's own words "When facing the largest growth opportunity of my professional career, the only option was to step forward", he adds "I am thrilled to be part of a Partner centric organization" and concludes by stating "adding an Executive role to my existing Leadzai commitment is a natural step and one that will help deliver more value to our investors, our Partners and our customers.”

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