A Day in the Life Of the Partners Team

Rita Pereira
January 5, 2024
 min read

How does a typical day unfold for a Partners Team at a tech company? From Duda Larangeira’s strategic vision to Mariana Viegas’s dynamic role, in this blog post, you’ll get to explore the intricacies of partnership management and the dedicated efforts that contribute to long-term success. 

Get ready for an exclusive sneak peek into the workings of a team where collaboration, innovation, and unwavering commitment drive success!

Duda Larangeira, Head of Partnerships

As Head of Partnerships, my daily goal is to help the client and guide them to achieve their goals.

Daily Dynamics: Prioritising Tasks, Project Analysis, and Strategic KPI Insights

I check my to-do list daily and catch up on all the emails I need to answer and operational actions I need to take. My days are back-to-back meetings for analysing projects and understanding them from a client's and product-wise perspective so we can better support our clients.

Reporting is crucial and also part of our daily tasks. I analyse our clients’ KPIs to understand the positive results and any trends and improvements we might need to implement.

The Crucial Role of Communication and Collaboration

I would say that communication is the main key when dealing with partners. Being transparent, supportive, and aligning expectations will help strengthen the bond and guarantee a healthy, longer-term relationship.

Our week consists of meetings, debriefing clients' requests and aligning procedures with other teams such as Tech, Performance and Customer Success.

Mariana Viegas, Partner Success Manager 

No two days as a Partner Success Manager (PSM) are ever the same. However, you can customise your routine as you go. 

Navigating Partner Engagement, Operations, and the Unpredictable

As a PSM, you are always available and in contact with partners, so emails and team messages are the first things I check in the morning. Both are usually aligned, as we are the “middle people” of the operation. 

Meetings with our partners and the team are also a big part of our day-to-day, whether it be to do a quick sync or go in-depth on a more specific project. Keeping all this documented is crucial. 

My role consists of keeping our operations and processes with our partners ongoing. Sometimes, it can also mean creating new processes that ensure KPI achievement and that we are aligned with our partners, providing them with complete transparency. 

As a PSM, we also need to be prepared for unforeseen events in our day, whether it be last-minute requests or something that is not working correctly— we must be able to guide our partners and overcome any obstacles. 

Meeting Partner Needs Through Dynamic Collaborations

When we establish a relationship with a new partner, they usually already have needs that we must look to fulfil. 

These projects may include creating case studies, working with the data science team to create a dashboard to keep our partners constantly informed, or working closely with the product team to improve our platform. Usually, these improvements originate from a partner's current needs; sometimes, we can predict them. 

Communication is key

Being a good communicator is essential as a PSM. We are on the frontline and must be able to reassure our partners of any doubts that might come up by delivering direct and clear messages. The same also applies internally to our team. 

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