A Day in the Life of the Marketing Team

Rita Pereira
October 18, 2023
5 minutes
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Have you ever been curious about the inner workings of a tech company marketing team? About how Leadzai's strategic vision takes shape? What daily endeavours and obstacles mould its journey?

Embark on a captivating voyage with us as we unveil a day in the dynamic lives of our marketing maestros: Catarina Fernandes (CF), Marketing Manager; Catarina Oliveira (CO), Communication Designer; and Rita Pereira (RP), Social Media Manager.

Collaborative Mornings 

CF: During the morning, I prioritise collaborative tasks, such as sync meetings and brainstorming sessions, to gradually get into the rhythm of the day. We have specific weekly meetings, like the Growth Sync, where we analyse the performance of our growth initiatives and plan the following steps, and the Marketing Weekly Sync, where each team member shares their tasks and dependencies for the week. These meetings allow me to understand the team's needs, offer support, and plan how to provide valuable feedback throughout the week. I then check urgent emails and review content that requires my attention on JIRA. 

Embracing the Everyday Diversity

CO: Every day is different, which is exciting and challenging!

I begin around 9-9:30 AM, reviewing my to-do list and identifying top priorities. Mornings are usually the most common time for our weekly team meetings, allowing dedicated time for ongoing projects throughout the day. I use this time to research for inspiration, test and structure layouts for that week’s social media posts and illustrate if necessary. I end the morning with a lunch break where I always try to do something that helps me recharge, like watching videos, enjoying a show, or reading.

From Inbox to Innovative Content

RP: I usually start working between 9-9:30 AM. First, I check if I have any messages or questions to answer on Slack, email and JIRA. Next, I check the Asana account I use for work to see the tasks I need to accomplish. From there, it’s time for the first social media task of the day: checking all of Leadzai's social media platforms. After checking notifications and responding to comments or messages, I go through our ads and take notes on their daily performances.

The rest of my morning is dedicated to content creation. After looking at our social media content calendar to see our upcoming posts, I start researching ideas for content, taking screenshots and recordings and writing copy. If I have any messages on Slack, I also chat with the Catarinas to share opinions or clarify some doubts. Tuesdays are the exception to the rule since we have our Marketing Meeting in the morning. Social media content is created mainly in the afternoon on those days.

Harnessing Afternoon Drive for Strategic Execution

CF: As the day progresses, I become more focused and energised, making it an ideal time to execute pending tasks planned for the week. I also schedule a weekly sync with our CEO to analyse our progress and obtain approvals for projects or strategies when needed.

Catarina’s home work station

Unleashing Creative Energy

CO: Just like my mornings, my afternoons are always different depending on the projects I have going on. But I usually dedicate this time to more extensive projects that need more time, which currently are the website and social media. A lot of my time is spent testing design ideas, asking for feedback and making the necessary changes until we reach the final result. I use Behance, Pinterest, Awwwards, or Dieline to get inspired, and Illustrator, Photoshop and Figma to bring our ideas to life. 

I always end the day with a to-do list of what I need to do the next, and I'm currently working on breaking down my day into blocks of x hours for each task to increase productivity.

On Fridays, I finish by planning the upcoming week so that come Monday, I have a clear idea of the priorities.

Immersive Content Creation

RP: I dedicate the time right after lunch, typically between 1-2 PM, to schedule social media content for the upcoming days. I make sure not to postpone this task beyond 4 PM to ensure optimal concentration levels.

The rest of my afternoon is dedicated to long-form content on digital marketing or digging deep into our product to create helpful content for our Leadzai Academy blog posts. On specific occasions, I also write whitepapers for the company to present at conferences.

Lastly, I check the tasks I accomplished during the day and, if there are any left to complete, reschedule them throughout the rest of the week. Since we don’t have a team daily stand-up meeting, I write what I’ve done that day and send it to our marketing stand-up channel on Slack.

Rita creating content with Filipe in a teambuilding event

Harnessing the Evenings for Reflection

CF: Depending on the day, the evening is often reserved for tasks that demand deep concentration and focus. Most team members are offline at this hour (except Alex 😉), which minimises distractions and enables me to work uninterrupted. During this period, I immerse myself in Google Analytics, content, or campaign reports to assess the impact of our marketing efforts and identify improvement areas. It's during these quiet hours that I tend to come up with creative ideas for new campaigns or content initiatives. Additionally, I take the opportunity to check our customer support platform to understand how new customers perceive our product so that we can refine our communication strategy accordingly.

Are you intrigued by the Leadzai marketing team’s captivating journey? Explore our career opportunities here if you're ready to make a lasting impact.

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