4 Quick Tips to Write Online Ads That Work

Rita Pereira
October 18, 2023
3 minutes
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Are you a small business owner in need of more customers? You know you need to create ads that work but don’t have the time to apply best practices to promote your business online? Ok, you can breathe a sigh of relief now!

In this blog post, we will quickly show you four tips to help with the copy in your ads. That’s right: you’ll learn four techniques to gain more customers. So, without further ado… let’s get started!

1. Choose Verbs in the Imperative Form

A command may seem bossy in real life, but believe us: it’s a magic formula in the online world for increasing your customers.

Do, Use, Get, Create, Buy, and Read — are good examples of verbs in imperative forms that we guarantee will work super well in your online ad copy, whether in Headlines or Ad Descriptions.

Use them and tell us (see what we did there?) if it worked!

2. Meet your advocates: Adjectives

Besides using Verbs, you can also use Adjectives!

Adjectives have been used for decades in traditional Advertising and are crucial to help convey the right message. This applies to products and brands, as you can see in this great SpearGrowth article.

Since their function is to describe qualities or modify nouns — the words which usually describe your product — they can be your product’s best advocates. You can use adjectives to describe features and, most importantly for ad copies, convey benefits (we’ll cover this subject next).

We tried to create an ad promoting Leadzai on our very own Leadzai app (yes, we’re getting a bit metaphysical here). Check out some of the suggestions we got using our Automatic Creation feature below:

You are in full control
All-in-one platform
Best ads of all time

See the words in italic? That’s right, they’re adjectives! If you look closely, you’ll understand that, together with the verbs, these words make the text appealing and highlight the benefits of using our app. This is why you should aim to use Adjectives in your ads’ Headlines and Descriptions.

3. Focus on the Benefits

When creating your copy ads, always showcase how your product or service will change your customer’s life. That is the reason to buy your service, so that message needs to be direct, clear, and explicit in your copy.

But how can I do that?” As mentioned earlier, the benefits usually appear as adjectives in sentences. We’ll give you a specific example:

Start using Leadzai, an online ad creation app for small businesses.

Through this sentence, you understand what our product is, no doubt. But are you compelled to try it? And do you understand how beneficial this product can be for your business? Not really, right? A better solution would be:

Start using Leadzai, an all-in-one ad creation app that empowers small businesses to grow without risks.

Here, the benefits in adjectives are in the words all-in-one and without risks. Notice that empower and grow verbs also highlight the app’s benefits and that we added the Start in Imperative form at the beginning of the sentence!

4. Don’t forget the Call to Action!

As outlined in a previous article, Calls to Action (CTAs) are short copy sentences that start with imperative verbs (Hi, Tip 1 in this blog post!). They motivate the user to perform a specific action. In an ad copy, the call-to-action (CTA) is the one that guides the user towards the goal you selected.

When creating your online ads with Leadzai, the CTA button appears automatically. However — and despite what some may think -, Calls to Action aren’t only button-exclusive; they can occur throughout any text. That’s why they should be seriously considered when choosing your ads (or writing them if you choose our Manual Creation feature).

We hope these quick tips have provided fresh insights into enhancing your ad performance and help you gain more customers. Should you have any questions or comments, you can always reach out via our social media channels.

See you next time! 👋

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