Selecting the Right Goals For Your Campaigns  – a Leadzai Beginner's Guide

Rita Pereira
October 18, 2023
5 minutes
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Do you wish you could create ads specifically suited to your business needs? Well, Leadzai has arrived to help you out with that!

In our last blog post, we toured you through the terms that may cause you doubts when creating ads in Leadzai. In this one, with the help of our VP of Product, we will guide you through all the goals Leadzai presents to help you create an effective ads campaign.

What is a Goal?

A Goal represents the objective you have for the campaign. As we addressed in 7 Terms You Need To Learn When Creating Ads, before creating your campaign you need to think about the primary action you wish your customer to take when encountering your ad online. When you have it figured out, you’re ready to start your online campaign with Leadzai.

Since choosing your Goal is the first step you take in your ads creation process, before starting, let’s familiarise you with the seven options Leadzai offers:

1. Clicks

This is our most common campaign goal. Clicks are typically chosen when small business owners wish people to click on their ad in the search engines or social media networks to drive traffic to their business website or social page and, hopefully, sales. If this is your goal, clicks can be one of the key indicators to track performance, but it should not be the only one. Always combine it with other metrics to have a better understanding of the campaign’s performance.

This advertising goal has several benefits:

  • Unlike all the other Leadzap app goals, it doesn’t require you to add any tracking script to your campaign;
  • Clicks it’s a clear and measurable metric, which helps you easily track the performance of your ad campaign;
  • It can be used to drive traffic to a website or landing page and consequently, can be used to generate leads or sales.

Despite all the pros, it also has its cons:

  • If you opt for the Clicks goal, keep in mind that the user’s action doesn’t necessarily indicate that he is interested in the product or service being advertised. The person may click accidentally or just be exploring the ad.
  • There is a risk for click fraud — a high number of clicks generated artificially. It can indicate that someone inflated the number of clicks on the ad by repeatedly clicking on it or using automated ad tools.
  • If your goal with the campaign is brand awareness or engagement, clicks may not be as good of an indicator. Clicks allow you to understand how well an ad is driving traffic to a website or landing page. However, you cannot infer an ad that is highly effective at increasing brand awareness will generate many clicks.

2. Phonecalls

Hello, Leadzai calling. In general, phone calls are a very popular goal option because if someone actually takes the action and the time to ask for information about your product or service, that means they are really interested in it. 

Businesses may use "phone calls" as ad goals when their primary objective is to generate phone calls. This is often the case for businesses that rely heavily on phone sales or customer support, such as car dealerships, real estate agencies, and service-based businesses.

When choosing this option, you can be charged in three ways: when the user clicks your Google Call Extension in your ad; after following a callable link to call (or a click-to-call link) on your website or if the person manually dials it (although this requires additional setup, additional tracking and may incur additional costs).

3. Bookings

Are you selling tickets to an event? Well, this can be the right option for your online campaign! Bookings is a goal that only applies to businesses that have booking capabilities on their websites. Since it’s a goal type specially tailored for niches, these businesses can highly benefit from this option.


The name says it all! If your objective is for your customer to get resources directly from your website, like free Guides or E-Books, this is the best choice to take. Downloads are only possible to track if you:

  • Upload (to your website) the guide, E-Book, flyer or any resource you want your visitors to download;
  • Add a “Download Now” button on a page of your website where your visitors can click in order to download the same resource you uploaded before. It is important that you explain what they can expect to receive when clicking on this button. This will not only incentivise them to download it, but also convey trust;
  • Install a tracking code on that button, in order to track who successfully downloaded the file.

With Leadzai, and like in all goals our website offers, you will only be charged when a user actually takes action, in this case, downloads the resource you’re providing.

5. Newsletter Signups

Are you implementing a Strategy that includes a business newsletter? With Leadzai, you can now get guaranteed results if you wish to increase your number of subscribers. The process is very simple: the user clicks on your ad, fills the newsletter sign-up form on your website, and hits the Subscribe button. And Ta-da, it’s done!

Just a quick warning: just like in Bookings, this option doesn’t exist on every website.

6. Registrations

A Registration is a deliberate action a user makes to track new signups to their product or service. If your goal is to have people register for a business event you are promoting (a webinar, a youtube live…), this is the most suitable option!

7. Webforms

And we get to the last goal! If you wish to have your customers fill in a pre-defined form on your website, Leadzai also offers this option for you to easily achieve your goals. This option differs from the Registrations one, since Webforms are usually more simple like a Contact Us form, for example.

Now that you are acquainted with all the different goals Leadzai offers you, you can choose the one that suits your business best. Start creating your campaigns here and get ready to get more customers!

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