Why Leadzai is the Ultimate Digital Marketing Solution for SMEs

Rita Pereira
October 18, 2023
 min read

Are you a small business owner searching for a hassle-free solution to create compelling ads? With a host of beginner-friendly features, our app is tailored to help you easily navigate the world of online advertising. 

Today, we'll explore the wide range of benefits that Leadzai offers. Let's dive in!

1. Efficiently Drive Conversions with a Pay-Per-Result Model 

Leadzai will only charge you when the results you want are achieved!

Our pay-per-result advertising model allows you to invest in digital advertising campaigns without needing hefty upfront investments. By paying only when results are fulfilled, you can quickly improve your online visibility, attract more customers, and achieve your business goals.

Pay-per-result is the most transparent way to invest your budget effectively, optimise your ad spend and achieve higher conversion rates. All you have to do is select the goal you want to achieve, make sure that goal is being tracked correctly, and prepare to get the most out of your investment.

2. All platforms, one dashboard

You can now effortlessly create and manage your ads all in one place: Leadzai consolidates the major ad platforms and social media networks - Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Instagram -  into a single, user-friendly dashboard. No more juggling interfaces and accounts, saving you valuable time and effort.

On top of this, budgets and audiences across networks are connected, meaning all ads, regardless of the network, are directly related to ensuring optimised performance to reach your target audience. For instance, if a client wants to generate 50 phone calls and uses Google and Facebook to promote their business, all 50 calls may come from Google if Facebook is not generating calls as expected.

3. Seamless ad creation with AI-powered automation

We understand that capturing an audience's attention and keeping them interested can be challenging in the crowded digital landscape. That is why we support you in overcoming the difficulties of creating engaging and compelling content for your digital marketing campaigns. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms, businesses no longer need digital marketing knowledge to create ads: Leadzai automatically produces your campaigns.

Our AI technology automates content creation, ensuring your campaigns stand out and resonate with your target audience. Our platform crafts content that gets attention and drives meaningful engagement and conversions. Say goodbye to the struggle of creating captivating content and let Leadzai empower your digital marketing efforts, allowing your business to reach its full potential.

Choose the automatic mode for each step of the ad creation: Locations, Ads, Audiences and Keywords. Voilà! The locations where your ads will run, keywords, images related to your business, titles, and ad descriptions will be magically distributed among different types of ads and across all the networks you selected. All this content will be perfectly tailored to your business and the audience you want to reach.

4. Achieve Results with Zero Risk

Unlike other services, Leadzai eliminates the risks associated with advertising by offering a flexible and commitment-free approach. Our app empowers you with complete control over your campaigns, enabling you to effortlessly adapt your budget, pause or stop campaigns, and make real-time adjustments according to your business needs.

In addition, since you only pay when you get results, you won’t have the uncertainty and fear of wasting your hard-earned money on ineffective campaigns. With Leadzai, you can confidently invest in your business, knowing that every penny spent is directly connected to actual outcomes.

5. Effortless Campaign Management

With an intuitive interface and user-friendly features, even newcomers can effortlessly set objectives for their campaigns, target the right audience, and create, launch and manage successful campaigns. Leadzai is the ultimate solution for campaign management, empowering businesses of all sizes to efficiently oversee and monitor their online advertising campaigns in one convenient, centralised platform.

But that’s not all. Our app offers detailed analytics and reporting features, such as trend graphs and breakdowns by network, age and device type, allowing beginners to easily measure their ad campaigns' performance and identify improvement areas. With an overview of key metrics like impressions, clicks, leads, CTR, and campaign cost, business owners can gather valuable insights that help make informed decisions and improve current or future campaigns.

6. Personalised experience with Customer Support 

We understand that businesses vary in their level of digitalisation, and each has unique needs. Even with our app's automation features, we know that certain users may still encounter challenges while creating and managing their campaigns. That is why our dedicated Customer Success Team is always available to assist you and address any questions or issues. That's what sets us apart – our commitment to providing a personalised experience. Unlike other platforms, we prioritise close contact with our customers and offer the convenience of scheduling calls whenever you need them. 

Schedule a call with our Customer Success Team today and experience the difference with attentive and accessible customer support.

By harnessing Leadzai’s power and knowledge, you can take your online advertising efforts to new heights. So why wait? Take a chance on our app here and propel your small business towards success!

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