How Leadzai Can Help You Create and Manage Ads with Ease

Rita Pereira
November 17, 2023
4 mins
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In the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape, having the right tools to streamline and optimise your campaigns is paramount to success. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into the world of Leadzai and unveil how we can help you reshape and revolutionise your way of creating and managing online ads amidst the demands of your busy life as a small business owner!

Streamlined Ad Creation

Experience Effortless Campaign Control with an All-in-One Solution

The days of navigating multiple ad platforms and juggling various social media accounts are over! Leadzai consolidates major ad platforms and social media networks, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Instagram, making it easier to control your advertising campaigns.
Leadzai also boasts a single, user-friendly dashboard that simplifies the entire ad creation and management process. This streamlined interface effortlessly handles ad crafting and management, saving you time and effort. Using it lets you concentrate on what truly matters – creating effective and impactful ad campaigns.

Empower your Campaigns with AI-Driven Automatic Ad Creation

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Leadzai's automated mode will do all the heavy lifting. The app will automatically choose the Locations, Ads, Audiences, and Keywords that best suit your business and your ad's placements, keywords, visuals, headlines, and descriptions.

Our app guarantees seamless content integration across diverse ad formats and selected networks. Every aspect is meticulously customised to align with your business goals and captivate your target audience, streamlining the ad creation process for your convenience.

Streamlined Ad Management

Pause Your Campaigns On Your Terms

With Leadzai, you have complete control over your advertising campaigns. You can pause your campaigns whenever you see fit, allowing you to make real-time adjustments and optimisations to suit your business needs.

Predict your Spendings

With Leadzai, you know exactly how much you will spend and how many goals you will reach. Whether you're looking for flexibility or a tailored approach, choose from two straightforward options: the Monthly Budget plans featuring Balanced, Bold, and Pro tiers or the Customised Option with a handy budget estimator slide. You'll always have clarity on your expenses and your goal’s achievement data.

Supercharge your campaign with detailed analytics

Leadzai empowers your campaigns with intuitive and in-depth reporting tools, featuring trend graphs, breakdowns by network, age, and device type, and essential metrics like impressions, clicks, leads, CTR, and campaign costs. This valuable data equips business owners with insights to enhance current and future campaigns.

Within the Reports feature, you'll also have the flexibility to fine-tune your campaign to perfection and adjust it to achieve your campaign goals. You can also effortlessly download the results for a more in-depth analysis.

Now that you've discovered how Leadzai provides a comprehensive solution to streamlining and supercharging your advertising efforts, there's no reason to wait. Sign up today for free and witness your campaigns reach new heights!

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