B2B marketing: 4 ways to use LinkedIn to optimise your presence

B2B marketing can face many challenges when it comes to generating business leads.

B2B marketing can face many challenges when it comes to generating business leads. Companies try to find creative ways to reach new corporate customers to develop strong partnerships. This is where B2B marketing comes into play.

B2B marketing is essential to brand positioning, networking and customer engagement. When done right, you can have better-than-average conversion rates and a stable monthly volume of sales.

In the digital age, one way to improve B2B marketing is by using social media.

B2B companies need to do LinkedIn B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is a social network directed at professionals. Instead of posting pictures of family or personal opinions on LinkedIn, people share posts about professional achievements and leadership tips.

These users can be managers, university students or junior associates, for example. They all have the potential to become B2B business customers. Therefore, this social network presents itself as an excellent channel to prospect other businesses.

What Is LinkedIn B2B Marketing?

A B2B business can use LinkedIn to implement B2B marketing. They can develop a strategy with organic and paid content to attract user and company attention and create a network of contacts.

LinkedIn is used by more than 700 million people worldwide. So it’s an interesting platform to explore for local and global purposes. In addition, seeing as it’s a pool of company profiles, but primarily people, you can find those with the power to decide to buy your product or service.

Companies that sell to other businesses have a different audience, so it is essential to create content for specific niches to communicate with the targeted user.

Here are 4 good ways to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing.

1 — Create valuable unique content like an expert

Content is king, and on LinkedIn, that’s no exception.

According to a 2020 study by Edelman, one of the most effective ways for companies to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn is by posting industry-specific content.

Create content like you are an expert on a subject or industry. This can include stories about culture and leadership, trends about your industry, client case studies, presentations, etc.

Quality is very important, as is consistency. By posting at least two times per week, others may perceive your company as trustworthy and engage with you. Remember to use niche-oriented hashtags to put your posts in front of the right people.

2 — Create your own events

Webinars can be a helpful tool for reaching a new audience that doesn’t know about your services. And it is very useful for B2B marketing as well.

LinkedIn Events suffered incredible growth in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdowns. As live conferences were not possible, companies turned to online events to talk about their experiences, services, and company culture.

You can also use this online tool to interview experts, launch a new product, or discuss future trends on a panel with other professionals. These events help you reach attendees, improve engagement and propel brand awareness. It is an efficient way to increase credibility for your business and make more connections.

3 — Explore groups and communities

LinkedIn also has LinkedIn Groups, a space designed for professionals with something in common to discuss content, ask questions, share job opportunities and make business contacts. By talking with people with similar interests, you can also establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

You can find these groups in your LinkedIn profile or through hashtags and topics.

For B2B marketing, this is an opportunity as professionals that discuss similar topics can help you acquire better insights into what your potential customer is looking for and how to provide useful information.

Be mindful that there’s a code of conduct to follow in these groups, or you may end up being pushed away from the group. Enter a group but don’t sell right away. Check previous content to get acquainted and start by commenting on posts where you really can provide useful feedback. Do this consistently every week and post content you find relevant.

4 — Try targeted Ads

Organic growth is a challenge for most companies, and even though LinkedIn has some good numbers, you can also optimise your presence with LinkedIn Ads.

Allocate some of your marketing budget for pilot LinkedIn Ads, as they put your brand in front of the right people. LinkedIn has a great tool to target the specific characteristics of your ideal user, for example, their role, experience, previous companies they have worked for, and so forth.

B2B marketing doesn’t have to be a headache. Create a strategy that includes posting content consistently and engaging in groups. This will help to create meaningful connections and position your company as an expert in its field.

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