Automatise your business with these online tools (free versions included)

Rita Pereira
June 7, 2024
 min read

As a small business owner, automating your business has become unavoidable in today's rapidly evolving landscape. This process is not only about saving time and money; it’s about staying competitive in an increasingly fast-paced world. However, we understand finding the right tools can be overwhelming. In the process, you’re left with many tasks to juggle, figuring out where to start. That's why we've compiled a list of tools to help you streamline your business processes effortlessly. The best part is that many of these tools offer free versions, allowing you to test them without cost. Let’s go.



Calendly is particularly beneficial for businesses that schedule appointments or meetings with clients or customers. It automates scheduling, allowing you to set your availability preferences and share a personalised booking link. It integrates with relevant calendar platforms like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, ensuring your availability is always up to date. 

Free Version: includes one calendar connection, access to the one-on-one event type, and video conferencing integration.

Paid Versions: The standard plan includes unlimited event types and the ability to connect multiple calendars. There is also a Teams plan that includes the Standard plan plus advanced admin features and the possibility of sending meetings to Salesforce. Finally, the Enterprise contains all the Teams features plus the possibility of having a customer success rep and domain control.

Social Media Management


Buffer efficiently automates the scheduling of your business's social media posts. You can queue posts for various times throughout the day or week, ensuring consistent content distribution without manual intervention.

Free version: includes connecting up to three channels, features publishing planning tools with an AI Assistant, and a landing page builder.

Paid version: the Essentials plan includes the Free version features plus engagement tools and analytic reports for one channel. The Team plan contains the Essentials features plus unlimited team members & clients and draft collaboration tools for one channel. The Agency plan includes the Team features, Custom access & permissions, and Agency-friendly pricing for ten channels.

Task Management


Asana is a task and project management platform with features like rules to automate everyday tasks, such as assigning work, setting due dates, and updating task fields when specific actions are triggered. This helps reduce manual workload and ensures tasks move through workflows smoothly.

Free version: includes several features, such as Collaborating with up to ten teammates, unlimited tasks, unlimited projects, and calendar view, among others.

Paid version: the Starter plan includes the Personal features plus many others like Collaborate with up to 500 teammates, Timeline view, and Private teams & projects. The Advanced plan includes the Starter plan plus many others like a Collaborating option with up to 500 teammates, Goals and Advanced reporting.

Content Creation


ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that generates high-quality marketing content, enhances customer service with instant responses to common inquiries, and provides valuable research insights for informed decision-making. Additionally, it assists in drafting business plans and financial projections, making it easier to secure funding. 

Free version: includes several features, such as writing assistance, problem-solving, access to GPT-3.5, limited access to GPT-4, file uploads, vision, web browsing, and custom GPTs.

Paid version: the Plus plan includes the Free features plus access to GPT-4, GPT‑4o, advanced data analysis, file uploads, vision, web browsing and DALL·E image creation. The Team plan includes the Plus plan, creating and sharing GPTs with your workspace, and the Admin console for workspace management.

E-mail Marketing Automation


Mailchimp automates various aspects of email marketing. You can set up automated email sequences such as welcome emails, follow-up emails based on user behaviour, and abandoned cart reminders for e-commerce. Mailchimp also provides automated segmenting of your email lists based on subscriber activity.

Free version: includes email support for the first 30 days, one Audience and Pre-built Email Templates.

Paid version: the Essentials plan includes the Free features plus A/B Testing and basic Automated Customer Journeys. The Standard plan includes the Essentials plan, personalised Onboarding, Predictive Segmentation, and campaign management. The Premium plan includes the Standard Plan plus Phone & Priority Support, Unlimited Audiences and Enhanced Automated Customer Journeys, among others.

Chat Automation


ManyChat is a popular platform designed to help businesses create and manage chatbots to automate customer interactions through Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp. It can create automated workflows, send broadcast messages, and engage with your audience using chatbots.

Free version: includes channel access to Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, unlimited custom flows to engage up to 1,000 contacts and access to basic Growth Tools to drive leads.

Paid version: the Pro plan includes several features, including channel access like Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS Text Messaging and Email; the Custom Plan includes the Pro plan plus the possibility of talking to the sales team, among others.



Leadzai is a customer-acquisition automation tool that helps you generate leads and run effective ad campaigns. It includes features for creating and managing ads, automating lead generation, and tracking campaign performance. Leadzai’s AI-driven approach optimises your marketing efforts for the best results.

Pay-per-Result Model: Custom pricing based on performance — a subscription-free platform where you only pay for generated leads. It offers advanced targeting options, personalised recommendations, and dedicated support to maximise your campaign's effectiveness and return on investment.

Automating your business processes with these online tools will significantly enhance efficiency and productivity, allowing you to focus on core activities that drive growth. Start integrating them today to streamline your operations and evolve your business. 🚀

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