7 Terms You Need To Learn When Creating Ads with Leadzai

Rita Pereira
November 17, 2023
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Online Advertising is a reality small businesses already can’t help considering when developing their marketing strategy. Internet users are increasing at high speed, as well as the amount of time spent on several devices — according to Hootsuite, 6H58 was last year’s magical number of global users between 16 to 64 years old spent navigating the web. In 2023, it is expected that the investment in advertising overall continues to grow, with a high portion of the online advertising’s budget being spent on social media and search engines, just like last year.

Are you a small business owner who is following this trend? Well, then we’ve got good news for you! You can now accelerate the process of creating ads with Leadzai, an all-in-one AI-generated app that gets you guaranteed results without risks!

To smoothen and streamline the creation of your ads, this article collects seven of the main terms you will encounter when generating your ads on Leadzai. Are you ready to start? Let’s go!

1. Category

When registering in the Leadzai app, the first thing you encounter is the Add Your First Business page. After writing your Business name, the Country it is from and your website link, you need to fill in the Category space with the most appropriate area your business relates to. What if mine doesn’t appear? More than 200 suggestions will be presented to you, so don’t worry: we’re pretty sure yours will be contemplated in the bunch!

2. Goals

Now, it’s time to reeeally get down to business: you’re about to start creating your first campaign! Therefore, you first need to think about your primary goal: what action do you wish your audience to take on your website in order to achieve your business objectives? This will be the action you will be charged for every time it occurs.

In the Leadzai app, you have seven Goal options to choose from, so you have to make sure you select the one that suits you best. Let’s say you are an independent venue and your goal is to sell more tickets on your website. If your website has booking capabilities, you can choose the goal Bookings and you will only be charged when bookings occur.

Or maybe you are a nutritionist and your goal is that people download your “Healthy Recipe Book for 2023” from your website. Try out the Download option as a goal, and pay for Downloads only.

3. Square vs Wide Image

If you opt for the Manual Creation option, you will encounter a spot to place your Ads’ images. (If you’ve chosen the Automatic Option move on to Number 5: Audience!)

Let’s imagine you have chosen the Google option and the Responsive Ad: you’ll see it asks you to upload four different images* — a Square and Wide Logo and a Square and Wide Image. In these, you should add two different sizes of your logo and two images that illustrate your business and/or the product you’re selling. As we told you in 12 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Website (and how to avoid them), the pictures should be real and of high-quality to increase your campaign’s performance.

*On Facebook and Instagram network options, you’ll only need to upload a wide image.

4. Headline

Now that your Logo and Images are ready, let’s get to the Headline!

What is this? The Headline is the Title of your ad. The headline not only presents the business to the user, but it is mainly the short, punchy (and typically in large fonts) words or sentences that will grab the attention of the audience. Since it is the copy’s highlight, sending a clear message with your brand’s value well explicit, will help your ad to perform successfully.

Google Ads Headlines in blue, descriptions in grey.

On our app, you will see different Headline requests regarding the network you choose (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and/or Instagram). The one you find more complex at first may be Google because it presents you with three different types of ads to choose from: Responsive Ads, Responsive Search Ads, and Dynamic Ads. However, you don’t need to worry: creating ads for each of them will be relatively easy since you just need to adapt the information of one to all three. See how below!

Facebook and Instagram ads with the same Headline as on Google.
How to create a Headline?

In Responsive Ads, you’ll need to add a Short (30 characters max.) and a Long Headline (90 characters max.) while in Responsive Search Ads, you’ll only need to add three short ones. Beware: You don’t need to create different headlines for each type of Google Ad! In fact, you can actually play with their content & length! But how?

Let’s go for an example

Go to the Responsive Ad and write Create your ads easily as a Short Headline and Use Leadzai now and increase your customers. Guaranteed results. as your Long Headline.

Now switch to the Responsive Search Ad. Since you only need to add three short headlines on that option, we advise you to split those into several 30-character Headlines. It will not only be easier and save you time, but you will make sure your message will be uniform in all of your ad networks.

In this particular case, we could think of four right away: Create your Ads easily; Use Leadzai Now; Increase Your Customers or Get Guaranteed Results. Ta-da!

Responsive ad on the left, Responsive Search Ad on the right.

5. Audience

Who are the people who usually buy from you? What are their genders, their ages? What devices do they use? Where are they located? Ladies and gentlemen, that’s your target audience!

Before creating ads in the Leadzai app, we advise you to first understand what your goal is with your ads and, when you get to this step, to define who you are trying to reach. To help you with this, we advise you to sit and write down characteristics you believe your customers have and create fictional identities. In Marketing, that is called buyer personas, check out our article to find out more.

After concluding this step, you’re ready to create your ads’ audiences. Just create a new audience, add the characteristics you defined before and you’re ready to go!

6. Areas of Interest + Type

At the end of the Audience page, you will find a feature named Areas of Interest.

Filling this box will help our app understand what type of interests and hobbies the audiences you chose before have, so it helps it be even more precise in presenting your ads online to the right users.

To add your Areas of Interest, first of all, you should click the option that suits your target audience’s interests and hobbies best. Imagine you have a Beauty Salon, and for that reason, you choose the Beauty & Wellness option as your audience’s main area of interest. When you add the option, a small zero number inside a pink box with an arrow right next to it will appear. That’s the Type of Product or Service your audience is interested in and a step you shouldn’t forget to add.

The Type helps you target your ads (even) better: here, the app asks you to be even more specific, adding, in the first section, the Products and in the second, the Services your buyer’s persona would be interested in. Tick one or several of the boxes and move on to the next step.

7. Keywords

Now let’s move on to the Keywords.

The name says it all: there are the common words and there are words that are key — very relevant, crucial — to a piece of content to perform well online. In this specific case, the content is your ad and the keywords are terms that people search for when they need your product or service. They need, of course, to be intrinsically connected to your business and be relevant.

It’s very easy to add keywords in our app: as you can see in the screenshot, on the right, our system gives you its suggestions. However, you can also add yours (check the left side).

Now that you’re acquainted with seven of the most important terms in the Leadzai app, you are absolutely ready to start rocking your online campaigns! Sign up for free and get the most out of your online presence. We can’t wait to hear from you! 📢

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