6 Types of Businesses Ready for AI Marketing

Rita Pereira
October 18, 2023
6 minutes
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Consider local photographers showcasing their stunning portfolio to a global audience, all thanks to AI-driven digital marketing. Imagine the art teachers selling out their courses by using highly converting ads that resonate with their target audience. Think of the personal trainer connecting with fitness enthusiasts worldwide through the power of AI advertising. Let’s dive into how these small businesses thrive in the digital world by simply using Leadzai.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, online visibility and customer engagement are crucial for all businesses. Small business owners are no longer strangers to the internet’s potential. However, diving into the online advertising world can be daunting, especially for digital marketing beginners. Some hesitate due to less-than-ideal Google Ads experiences, while others realise that now is the time to act and have discovered a better way forward. 

Many small businesses have understood that with the rise of Artificial Intelligence tools, the path to customer acquisition becomes smoother than ever. Photographers enhance images with AI, and healthcare centres are streamlining operations with it too. As for using AI to advertise their offering, small businesses are realising that even with no expertise, budget or time to spend crafting ads, they can leverage the same AI technology used by prominent players to revolutionise their digital presence. With AI tools like Leadzai that deliver predictable results, these businesses no longer suffer from uncertainty and can effortlessly see their company thrive and revenue increase.

Before embarking on advertising with AI tools like Leadzai, the first step is to define the business goals. Leadzai offers two options: Clicks and Leads. Whether your objective is to increase your website traffic or effectively driving genuinely interested users to your website, having a clear goal is essential. Leadzai's user-friendly interface and AI-driven capabilities empower businesses of all sizes to effortlessly create highly converting ads. Here are six examples of small businesses that can start benefiting from Leadzai's AI-driven approach today:


As the food industry continually evolves, restaurants have consistently adapted to technology trends, such as the emergence of food delivery through platforms like Uber Eats, review platforms like Trip Advisor, or booking platforms like The Fork. Restaurants are currently embracing AI to expand their reach further and create even more extraordinary dining experiences. With Leadzai, they can strategically choose the Leads goal to get more phone calls or bookings on their website. By having the right mindset, these businesses create the crucial recipe for success.


Using Leadzai strategically can be a game-changer for photographers who create professional websites to display their visual artistry to potential clients. Photographers promoting their websites with Leadzai can choose the Clicks goal type if they wish to increase their website traffic or Leads, to receive phone calls or bookings/appointments from potential customers. For those who go the extra mile and offer downloadable portfolios and sample images, the Leads goal type can also help them capture valuable contact information and inquiries from prospective clients.

Wellness Centers

In recent years, the challenges posed by COVID-19 have driven healthcare professionals to embrace technology for improved care and collaboration. A growing wellness-oriented mindset among the population has made technology adoption a natural progression, particularly evident in connected care solutions. This shift has also impacted spas, salons, and wellness centres, prompting them to adopt technology tools to meet client’s evolving expectations, including customer relationship management, operations management, marketing tools and booking software.

As businesses in the wellness industry increasingly embrace the power of AI advertising, they've discovered its potential to amplify their digital presence. By opting for the Leads goal type, wellness centres can streamline their process of collecting service-related inquiries using webforms. Furthermore, with the ability to also select the Leads option, they can generate direct phone calls from potential clients eager to book appointments.

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are dedicated professionals who inspire fitness enthusiasts to take the crucial step towards healthier lifestyles. While their primary goal is to help individuals reach their fitness goals, their main business goal is to attract more clients. 

Leadzai is pivotal in connecting them with their target audience and enhancing their impact with clear, well-defined goals that align with their objectives. By choosing the Lead goal option, personal trainers can efficiently create tailored campaigns that yield tangible results. If they wish to get more leads through phone calls, trainers can directly engage with potential clients, understand their needs and offer them personalised fitness plans. If their objective is to build a dedicated audience for their newsletters, fostering a supportive fitness community and inform clients about new live courses or training locations, the Leads goal type is also the perfect choice to increase their newsletter sign-ups.

Art and Music Instructors

Art and music instructors are dedicated individuals who channel their unique talents to inspire and educate students in the world of creativity. Just as many artists have come to integrate AI into their artistic pursuits, these instructors have embraced technology to promote their business and reach a wider audience of eager learners. While their primary passion lies in nurturing their student’s artistic growth, these professionals also have essential business goals, including expanding their student base and making art and music more accessible.

With Leadzai, these professionals have the means to attract aspiring learners to their creative expertise and increase enrolments. Choosing Leads as a goal for their campaigns will allow them to capture and cultivate a consistent stream of potential students and enthusiasts who are genuinely interested in their art and music instruction.

Legal Professionals

Legal professionals are dedicated individuals who skillfully navigate the intricacies of the law to provide essential guidance and support to their clients. Much like the legal system, which adapts and evolves with the times, these experts increasingly embrace AI technology to advance their practice and expand their reach. Legal practitioners are turning to Leadzai to simplify connecting with a broader client base and showcasing their legal expertise.

The Leads goal maximises the number of phone calls received from highly interested prospective clients. Whether businesses wish to invest in webforms for streamlining the collection of inquiries related to legal matters or simply seek to expand their contact base, the Leads goal proves ideal by demonstrating genuine client interest, be it through contact forms or requests for more information.

As you can see, by harnessing the power of AI, business owners can effortlessly generate highly convertible ads that resonate with their target audiences, driving leads, engagement, and, most importantly, the desired results. These small businesses exemplify how Leadzai's AI-driven ads can be tailored to diverse business types. Whether you're a photographer, a personal trainer, an art instructor, or any other small business owner, Leadzai's AI-driven capabilities can revolutionise your digital marketing efforts, helping you engage with your audience and achieve the growth you deserve. Start now here!

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