6 Must-Have Tools To Find The Best Keywords For Your Ads

Rita Pereira
October 18, 2023
4 min read
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Keywords. You can’t skip this step when creating your small business online campaigns! Selecting relevant keywords ensures that your ads are displayed to reach your target audience: users actively searching for products or services similar to what you offer. This increases the chances of reaching potential customers more likely to be interested in your offerings.

This article explores some of the top keyword research tools that can empower your small business and inform data-driven decisions. Let’s dive in!

1. Google Ads Keyword Planner

This Google tool is possibly the most popular regarding ads keywords. It presents valuable information like a list of related keywords, the monthly number of searches for that specific keyword, and its competition level or expected cost per click. Since it is a Google tool, it seamlessly integrates with Google Ads, enabling advertisers to directly import selected keywords into their ad campaigns and easily create targeted ad groups.

And we saved the best for last: it’s completely free!

2. SEMrush

SEMrush started focusing on SEO, but, over time, evolved into a complete marketing tool. Competitor research, content marketing analysis, scheduling social media posts, creating PPC campaigns, and keyword research (it has access to over 24 billion keywords in 130 countries!) are just some of the numerous functionalities it offers to assist businesses in effectively reaching their target audience.

You can try out the Keyword Research Tool for free but with limited results. You can choose between its two paid plans and experiment with a 7-day free trial for full access.

3. Keywordtool.io

The name is self-explanatory: Keyword Tool suggests long-tail keywords for any topic and in any language for ad platforms like Google Ads. Besides that, this tool also aids in searching volume trends to create content for your website. A particularity of this tool is that its keywords are generated based on Google Search suggestions.

This tool has a free and paid version. According to its website, the free version generates up to 759+ keywords in seconds but only allows you to see the keyword name. Keyword Tool Pro, the paid version, offers double the keywords while adding more valuable insights to the service, like information about keyword Search Volume or Average CPC.

4. Ahrefs

Like SEMrush, Ahrefs is also an all-in-one tool that can help small businesses with their marketing efforts. Some of its features include site audit, backlink analysis, content explorer, rank tracking, competitive analysis and, of course, keyword research. Its website has a significant advantage: Ahrefs has an academy with free courses to help you learn how to use this tool.

As for plans, Ahrefs has a free account called Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. It provides valuable insights and data for website owners who want to optimise their SEO strategies and monitor their website’s performance. This platform also has four paid plans with many more tools to use.

5. Spyfu

SpyFu provides users with a comprehensive understanding of their competitors’ digital marketing strategies, allowing users to redefine and optimise their campaigns. With this tool, you can retrieve information about the website’s organic search rankings, monitor competitors’ campaigns or see which keywords they use.

This tool has three paid plans, but you can test it out first with a 30-day trial money-back guarantee option. If you want to understand how it works before purchasing, Spyfu offers you a demo option schedule.

6. Google Trends

The last tool we’d like to mention is a Pro Tip! Google Trends is a free web-based tool that allows users to analyse keyword popularity. You can search for a term by targeting the country, time frame, category, and a specific Google feature. You can even compare multiple keywords or see the current trending topics.

This is also a handy feature for seasonal periods. During these, it enables advertisers to target their ads to a relevant and engaged audience, increasing the company’s conversion and relevance potential. Additionally, it allows users to leverage limited-time promotions to drive better results.

And if you want to create effortless online ads, don’t forget you can always use Leadzai! Our app takes the weight off your shoulders by suggesting several AI-tailored keywords that fit your specific campaign and business.

We hope this article has helped you understand some of the most popular keyword research tools. Remember, selecting the right keywords is the key to reaching your target audience and maximising your online presence. Happy keyword hunting!

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