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Artifical Intelligence

Technology made for you

We use the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to suggest ad copy and assets that will speak to your customers. We were granted access to Open AI’s GPT-3, considered to be the best natural language model on the market today.


Boost your results

With Leadzai, you set the budget beforehand and get an immediate estimation of the monthly leads you can expect. At the same time, unless you’re doing traffic campaigns, you can expect actual leads from your efforts.


A single platform with all information

Get all your campaigns and detailed reports in a single platform. You’ll be able to check how many leads you got from Facebook, Instagram, Google or Microsoft Ads, as well as all the performance details you need when it comes to audience, keywords and creative assets.

Stop wasting time with efforts that don’t get results.

Thousands of businesses make the most of their online presence by using Leadzai.

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